Female sex is not easy, we are taught that early. At school we are told that almost all boys masturbate while girls ‘sometimes do that’. This emphasizes that we are the sexual exception.


Our anatomy seems like a mystery is the clitoris was only ‘discovered’ in 1998. Only then did scientists realize that it is not a small button, but an organ full of swelling bodies that is about 9 to 11 centimeters long. Our orgasms seem to be just as enigmatic. Women do not agree among themselves whether there is a difference between vaginal and clitoral cumshaw. Freud didn’t like the latter: such orgasms were immature. Real sex is with a penis in and out.

Better Sex

Lesbians have much better sex than straight women. They come more often and sexy time takes no less than twenty minutes longer. When it comes to many heterosexuals, lesbians never have sex. Not because they are against it, but because their ideas about what counts as sex are rather penis and penetration-oriented. That penis is not a good orgasm maker at all, but yes, straight sex is all about pleasure. The lesbian escort London is the best person for the same.

“Lesbians have much better sex than straight women. They come more often and sexy time lasts no less than twenty minutes longer.”

There is everything wrong with that focus on coitus. Vaginal penetration is only one way to do ‘it’. There is no reason why that should always be the main meal. In addition, there is everything wrong with the focus on orgasm. Generally the sexes are over when he has come. The male orgasm is then both essential for sex and unavoidable for sex, while the female orgasm is a kind of bonus that is included nicely.

An extra gift

Heterosexual then becomes a job. There is pressure to pleasure. Having a woman cum is associated with skills, with technology. His correct actions lead to a desired end product, the icing on the cake. On the one hand that is beautiful. It is a whole lot better than a one-sided focus on him. We want too. But on the other hand, there is great pressure on the woman. If her orgasm fails to occur, the problem is placed with her. She should practice more or be open. It is not surprising that women then resort to faking. His honor has been saved; the illusion of reciprocity has been maintained.

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