How to use ice cubes during sex? Men’s Fitness offers 3 small methods to make it very hot while cooling. Things can sometimes be contradictory in terms of sex. After all, manage to warm it up with ice cubes. What an idea. And yet it works. Here are tips that can help you reach your goal.

Let it wait

Take several ice cubes, and put them in a bowl. Take one and slowly pass it over your partner’s skin. Cold temperatures will awaken each of its senses. If you really want to drive her crazy, avoid the erogenous zones at first. Keep it for the final explosion. By doing this you will create a feeling of warmth on sensitive areas that will make it climb to the ceiling.

Be careful, however, never place ice cubes inside its private parts. This could create problems in the tissues. In any case, you will already have enough to do outside. With the milwaukee escorts it really creates a change.

Play with the temperatures

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When her body climbs in temperature she begins to relax, when it is cold, it contracts. By playing with the temperature of his body, you will store and release strong sexual tensions. Try this: warm it up with something warm like a warming gel or slightly warm honey on her belly for example. Then, pass small ice cubes on her nipples and the outline of her sex. The temperature contrast will make his whole body shudder.

Practice the ice cream

Put an ice cube in your mouth and keep it long enough to feel intense cold. Then go down to her. She will then feel the warmth of your breathing that mixes with the cold ice cube. His nerve endings will remain alert. What to make her scream with pleasure.

Bonus: Ice cream can also help you reach orgasm. Indeed, if you feel that you are coming too soon, ask him to “slow down” with an ice cube that will pass along your body, to delay the orgasm a little bit.

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